Breaking up at christmas

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Christopher Paul Jones, the Breakthrough Expert, talks about how stress can affect a relationship at Christmas and looks at the role that commitment plays when it comes to all things festiveā€¦. But the single most stressful issue that I hear my clients talking about at Christmas is commitment. Now, before I delve deeper into this, let me say that no matter what your issue, communication as a couple is key, and acknowledging that there is an issue is the first step in disempowering it and working towards a solution.

Couples may find themselves arguing more simply because of the pressure of having so much to organise and to do, but for some couples, the very thought of Christmas leaves them panicking about commitment. Firstly, there is the issue of whose family should couples spend the big day with? Not exactly fun, is it? Couples actually break up over this! You put a lot of thought into things, and your partner hands you some pants or socks.

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The very thought of going Christmas shopping when in a relationship can lead to very high stress levels, particularly for a new couple. Well, the first thing is to take a step back, take a deep breath and put things into perspective a little bit. You KNOW that society likes to pressure us to commit and spend at Christmas time, so make an active choice not to get caught up in that. Next, sit your partner down and have a talk about it. Make a pact as a couple to get through the stress of the holiday season together.

Christopher Paul Jones, the Breakthrough Breaking up at christmas, is a therapist based in Harley Street who specialises in helping people let go of their fears, anxieties and phobias, from a fear of public speaking to anxieties around work. To book a consultation, visit christopherpauljones. When you are thinking about Christmas a few things come to mind. Sleigh Bells, Santa Claus, Sherry and Apparently your first family flare up is statistically likely by While some forms of abuse, such as sexual or physical abuse, are easily identified, emotional abuse can be more difficult to pinpoint in a relationship, as the pain and scars are mental, not physical.

Barrie Davenport, founder of emotional support website, Live Bold Have you ever wondered why? Is it because most comedians are men? They see mothers-in-law as interfering, The wall-to-wall coverage of COP26 and protests by Insulate Britain have got us thinking- how do we help our kids with climate change fears? We asked dad and psychotherapist Noel McDermott for advice on talking to our children about their climate Breaking up at christmas. The current In the majority of cases these families are made up of a mother with her children and a step-father. If you are a step-father you D, do you struggle sometimes?

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Why do so many couples break up at Christmas? Lauren Jarvis. Related entries. Latest entries. Our kids are scared about climate change 08 Nov Your child's health The wall-to-wall coverage of COP26 and protests by Insulate Britain have got us thinking- how do we help our kids with climate change fears?

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Breaking up at christmas

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