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The state Senate passed a bill to legalize hallucinogenic drugs for Californians 21 and older. Could psychedelics become the next cannabis? Amid growing scientific research into therapeutic uses for psychedelic drugs and a progressive push to soften punishment for drug crimes, California lawmakers are considering a bill to legalize magic mushrooms, Ecstasy and several other hallucinogenic substances.

The proposal has set off an intense debate over how far California should go to embrace novel medical treatments and destigmatize drug use without compromising public safety. While research into the potential benefits of psychedelics to treat PTSD, depression and anxiety is becoming increasingly mainstream in academic settings, the bill goes beyond medical applications to allow recreational use of psychedelics. Senate Bill would decriminalize the possession and non-commercial sharing of psychedelics by people age 21 or older.

It would not permit the sale of psychedelics in government-sanctioned shops the way cannabis is allowed under state law, but sets up the framework for California to move toward regulating psychedelic drugs in the future.

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The measure passed a major hurdle in early June, clearing the state Senate with the bare minimum of votes necessary, and moved to the Assembly, where it will likely continue to divide Democrats who control the Legislature. On Aug. The debate comes five years after California voters legalized cannabis and a year after Oregon voters legalized the use of psychedelic mushrooms in a therapeutic setting and decriminalized possession of small amounts of all drugs.

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Part of a growing movement to combat the War on Drugs, the California bill would mean that a psychedelic trip does not result in a trip to the police station. Among the drugs it would legalize is ketamine, which, according to law enforcement officials, is sometimes used to facilitate sexual assaults.

Melissa Melendez of Temecula said during a heated debate on the Senate floor. On June 29, the bill was approved by the Assembly public safety committee after Wiener agreed to remove ketamine from the measure. It goes to the health committee before a possible vote by the full Assembly.

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Law enforcement groups also oppose the bill. Bob Archuleta, a Pico Rivera Democrat, said he voted against the bill because it would legalize psychedelics before lawmakers have more information about their effects. The bill would set up a working group in the state Department of Public Health to research psychedelic substances in greater depth.

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Lives are on the line. Suicide rates of veterans were ficantly higher than the national suicide rate, according to data from the U. Department of Veterans Affairs. In come psychedelics. The scientific research looks promising. After years of frustration and hopelessness, I got my life back. Emerging scientific research shows that psychedelics can help people with PTSD learn new thinking patterns and overcome trauma. The MDMA dose does not remove these fear-based memories. Mitchell says it helps patients revisit traumatic moments without the overhang of the usual fear or shame.

Guided by Buy legal hallucinogenic drugs therapist, patients can work through their thoughts more deeply and eventually let them go. Mitchell likens the effects of MDMA on memories to snow falling in a snow globe. Imagine skiing down a mountainside using the same trail every time. Beyond PTSD, psychedelic drugs also offer promise for depression and anxiety treatments. A Johns Hopkins study from last year observed how adults with depression responded to two doses of psilocybin — and they thrived. The psychedelics outperformed other currently existing antidepressants four-fold. In another study, a participant who had taken many anti-anxiety medications that had never helped his depression finally got better after facilitated therapy sessions with psilocybin.

He was stuck thinking the same negative thoughts over and overand the psilocybin helped him cut that circuit short so he could heal. The legislation allows adults to exchange psychedelics with each other, so long as no money is involved. It would essentially sanction party drugs, argued Republican Sen. Pat Bates of Laguna Niguel.

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But social sharing also opens up liability questions that concern Mitchell, the neuroscientist. As decriminalization movements gain traction on the West Coast, some Native American groups in the Southwest remain concerned it could encroach on their traditional practices. The peyote cactus — a natural source of the psychedelic drug mescaline — is central to religious ceremonies for the Navajo Nation. The Los Angeles Times reported last year that some Navajo were upset by cities considering ordinances to decriminalize peyote.

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They fear it would diminish the natural supply of peyote, which is already a vulnerable species. While it would still be illegal to possess a peyote cactus, the bill would allow mescaline from other types of cacti. InOakland became the first city in California to decriminalize all psychedelic plants.

Less than a year later, Santa Cruz passed a similar measure. But those are some of the most progressive enclaves in California. The Assembly has a bloc of moderate Democrats — some of whom represent swing districts — who sometimes side with Republicans to kill liberal legislation. We want to hear from you. Want to submit a guest commentary or reaction to an article we wrote? You can find our submission guidelines here. Please contact CalMatters with any commentary questions: commentary calmatters.

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Buy legal hallucinogenic drugs

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Will psychedelics become legal in California?