Do ladyboys have a penis

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There are more transgenders per capita in Thailand than anywhere else in the world. Or so it would seem. They are a defining feature of the sexual landscape: one of the first sights to be pointed out to gawping tourists. Normally they have short hair, a deviation from a Thai norm of feminine which prizes long, lustrous locks. Moreover, they tend to wear dark clothes — often trousers and male-style shirts.

What separates Thailand from the rest of the planet — I am tempted to Do ladyboys have a penis the men from the [lady]boys — is not so much masculine women as feminine men — kathoeys to use the Thai term — or transgenders to use the politically correct one.

Generally effeminate males, they aspire to be entirely female. Most actually call themselves phuying feminine woman. One reason for the of ladyboys — some guestimates suggest as many as— is that Thailand, not noticeably tolerant about other social mores, and erratically patriarchal in its attitude towards women, is strangely accepting of the phenomenonnot only in sophisticated urban centres where transgenders tend to congregate, but even in remote rural communities. In some Judaeo-Christian and most Islamic cultures, there is powerful opposition to sexual transgression: homosexuality and trans-sexuality are denounced as alien to the teachings of both the Bible and Koran.

Indeed, in countries as diverse as Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, these practices carry the death penalty. Whether this will happen is another matter entirely, but historically, there is some support for such a position. In some Northern Thai creation myths, notably the Mula Mula and Pathamamulamulithe first two generations of humans consisted of three genders — a male, a female and a phet thi sam or hermaphrodite.

Moreover, in a society which believes in the notion of reincarnation, the idea of being re-born in this life is plausible. Granted such views, it is hardly surprising that the rigid gender separations of most cultures are here less in evidence. Both men and women tend to be more feminine than their Caucasian equivalents. By this, I mean that young women here are generally less hirsute, and are daintier in appearance. They have less occasion than farang women to shave their legs, and they grow less pubic hair.

Men too. How often do you see a Thai male with a hairy chest? Few Thai men sport a dense beard, but, like Thai women, they usually have thick locks, and relatively smooth skin. Baldness is far less common than among Caucasians.

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Such observations are highly contentious: it is relatively uncharted territory. But my tentative conclusion is this. Body hair, especially on the chest and chin, is related Do ladyboys have a penis ificant levels of testosterone. Baldness has also been linked to the hormone, since dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which is manufactured in the body from testosterone by an enzyme called reductase, is known to engender head hair loss.

On this evidence, Thais of both genders may tend to possess lower levels of male hormone. Whatever the truth of the matter, what is common knowledge is that most ladyboys are preoccupied with the desire to be seen as women, a desire which can lead them to pursue that aim by transformative drugs or surgery.

A tunnel is then made, and the retained tissue used to reconstruct a new vagina and labia. While there are a of surgeons prepared to undertake this drastic procedure, certain properties of a pudendum such as lubricity and depth this is dependent on the original size of the peniscannot be easily replicated. In days past, rural communities in Isaan would raise money to send local kathoeys to Germany; now Bangkok has become the global centre for an operation which may still cost up tobaht.

But GRS is, in all probability, less commonplace than one might imagine. Perhaps perceived hazards are increasingly acting as a deterrent. Mortality, including suicides, is five times higher for people who have had GRS. So things — pun intended — are rarely that cut and dried. After all, they can easily blend in socially with their peers. Moreover, if their instincts allow, they can be dominant as well as submissive, employing and enjoying their sexual apparatus as nature intended.

As the world well knows, a more womanly shape can also be achieved by implants. He charges 45, baht for a procedure which involves implanting silicone-gel shells into the breast area. He is in good company. Bangkok has 55 such clinics. Thus transgenders who cannot afford implants, may resort to injections of olive oil, or even paraffin — though this is not common practice. Very hit and miss. Other adjustments are less radical. Some physical changes are effected by taking hormones — available under the counter from pharmacies. In short, a more sexy look.

The financial burden incurred by these adjustments helps to explain why so many ladyboys end up as sex workers, where they tend to specialize in oral and anal sex. If a ladyboy is involved, it is more newsworthy. Indeed, their role in the sex industry is crucial to any discussion of transexuality in Thailand.

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Consider these Havoscope statistics. The business employs aboutworkers and produces 6. While these surveys over-state the perils of working in go-go barsmassage parlours, brothels or clubs, it is evident that many ladyboys do encounter emotional and physical risks. According to Davis, a quarter of interviewees had been physically assaulted in the year, mostly by clients.

A similar proportion had been raped or forced to engage in sex. Some transsexuals do not voluntarily enter the sex industry, but are trafficked into enslavement, especially those from poor or outside communities. But ignorance and poverty are powerful persuaders. In a perverse sort of way, it is understandable. Of course, money is the main attraction. If you are a young and attractive ladyboyit usually does.

And the money goes not just in the cause of greater beauty, expensive accessories and life-style, but often to support their needy, rural families in the farming communities of Northern Thailand. Physical abuse is not the only concern.

Happily, there are emergent support organizations. Progress of a sort…. Kathoeys are also a staple of the cabaret and beauty business. And since they spend so much time on their appearance, they are frequently extremely alluring. One stunning transgender I know, was recently at the Cannes Film Festival with her boyfriend, constantly stalked by paparazzi.

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More mundanely, many are employed as sales assistants in stores at perfume and cosmetic counters. For better or for worse, looks are everything. Kathoeys go to enormous pains — sometimes literally — to achieve this end. Especially if the constrained organs are held in place for a painfully long time. A recent disaster to a famous Bangkok ladyboy called Pancake, drew attention to this. Famed for her hilarious portraits of rural life as a transgender woman, she shocked her fans by recently announcing that she had been operated on for penile cancer.

Not according to informed medical opinion. HPV human papillomavirustransmitted through oral sex and anal penetration, is more prone to strike when the genital area is not washed, and is literally kept under wraps And urinary tract infections, which can lead to complications, are far more likely to occur when urine is retained. Hilarious stories abound of drunken first-time male visitors to Thailand mistaking transgenders for conventional women.

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But there are telltale s. Apart from their height and long limbs, ladyboys wear more lavish make-up, dress more extravagantly, and tend, in urban areas at least, to hunt in packs. Walk down Nana Road or Soi Cowboy in Bangkok and you may well see a group of ladyboys ogling passing farangs. If they have facial or body hair, it will be removed on a daily basis. Thai women are remarkably hairless by western standards — and are particularly obsessive about the eradication of under-arm hair, which is considered repulsive.

A ladyboy may also have a deep voice.

Do ladyboys have a penis

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The Lady Boys of Thailand