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After dating Ankit Ahuja for six months, his first girlfriend dumped him. She preferred not to tell him why. Ankit, 27, became a recluse. He decided to take the help of a dating coach he had heard about from a friend in Chandigarh. Real Dating School promised to transform him into the kind of man who could find success in relationships. I knew that I belonged to the second category. The key was that I had begun valuing myself more than the other person. Unlike the apps that help you find Famous dating gurus or like-minded partners, dating coaches train students — mostly men in the 20 to 40 age group — on how to approach girls.

Programmes, courses, or packages include tips on diction, body language, grooming and attire. But the room for this language is shrinking and there is very little in the popular culture to help people learn it. They may therefore be drawn to something that seems to be a guarantee of being in control in the complex world of relationships.

He went online for solutions. He rented an apartment in South Delhi in as a bigger city meant more clients. He does not have an office. He meets his students where he can teach them and make them practice what he preaches on the spot. But he does recall the clients he has said no to.

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He does this as a rule. I tell them that first, they should develop the confidence to walk up to a stranger and start a conversation. Once they do this, they become good at interacting with people in general. Arora recommends some standard practices for beginners: Speak clearly because no one likes a partner who keeps mumbling; always appear welcoming so that the other person gets positive vibes when you are around. About a minute drive away from Delhi, in a room in Gurugram, year-old Ashish Sehgal has the attention of a bunch of men as he scribbles dating equations on a white board.

The setting resembles that of a coaching centre.

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Ask yourself, are you looking for marriage? Or are you looking for a short-term relationship? To avoid heartbreak at a later stage, step back right after the first meeting if you realise that you are not the kind of man she is looking for. He offers a cure — a phrase popular in dating. They shoot big volleys of bullets. Some of the bullets meet the target.

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And then, there is a sniper. He waits, shoot once, and hits the target. Which one do you want to become? Everyone nods obediently. Roughly 45 minutes into the class, Sehgal draws two lines on the white board — the first indicates where one is in life and the second line is where one wants to be. He then draws an arrow connecting the two. After the session, Sehgal, a qualified engineer, shares takeaways from his life — the surprises, the learnings, and the patterns. Then, most of the couples in relationships aimed to have a Famous dating gurus together. Sehgal says that the of men who consult him now has increased manifold from 10 years ago, when he began practising.

Earlier, they did not think that they were in need of help. In the time of dating apps, there are still enough confused men out there who need help with relationships. For a price, of course. Share Via. Hindustan Times By Danish Raza.

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Famous dating gurus

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