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Today we investigate and do a thorough review of HookupHangout. As with all of our other investigations we ed Hookup Hangout as a free member to see if we could uncover any wrong doings. This has always been our investigating style and has worked very effectively in exposing dating scams.

Please read the full review below to understand if this is legitimate dating service or yet another scam to stay away from. Every time we a fictitious dating service the first indicator that the site is fake is when we start getting after shortly after registering on the site. With HookupHangout. We have been a member on the Hookuphangout com reviews for roughly a week and we haven't received a single message from another member on the site. You can take this as a good thing or a bad thing. We take it as a good thing because it means that the site is not using any form of automated computer bots to send phony messages to their members.

In the past and over the hundred of reviews that we've done what always happens with fake hookup sites is that you will start getting blasted with fake s from fictitious women who want to contact you. This always ends up being phony and a scam to get people to purchase monthly memberships to the faux dating site.

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In this particular situation with HookupHangout. Not one was received from anyone on the site. This was in fact a very good indicator that we were dealing with a legit dating service. Other indicators that a site is fake includes the creation of fictitious dating profiles that the website creates. We have a of different software tools that helps us to identify if profiles are using fake pictures or not.

We found no wrongdoing on HookupHangout. No profile photographs came back as fictitious. This was another good indicator that this dating service is real. And yet another indicator that the site is truthful is the fact that no instant chat messages were received from anyone on the site. With almost of our other dating site reviews we were always bombarded with tons of instant messages from women on the site.

This was always another tool used to trick people into buying memberships to the fake dating sites. The only thing that we found in the terms and conditions that could be considered an eyebrow raiser is the statement where they tell us that any member profile message or communication may not be genuine.

They go on to state that you should take caution especially if you're asked for your place of Hookuphangout com reviews, your address, your phone or your name. We don't think they are admitting to any form of fraud or creating fictitious profiles. What we think they're trying to tell us is that you should be careful when using their dating service because you never knew know who is trying to scam you ie: romance scammers. You can take a look at the statement below taken from their terms and conditions section of the site.

By using this service you accept that any member profiles, messages and communication may not be genuine. That caution is particularly relevant if you are asked your surname, place of work, address or telephone or if you are asked to arrange a meeting. We're happy to report that from our investigation and our own research it seems that HookupHangout.

It's not to say that we met anyone on the site and had success meeting women but the fact remains that we weren't bombarded with s, we didn't have fake profiles blasted in our face and no bogus instant messages were received. Also we took the time to read the terms and conditions which uncovered no wrongdoing. We're not going to say that you're going to meet anyone on HookupHangout. If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites. The site overall was fine but just like other sites I've been on, they had a very limited amount of members that were close to my location within 50 miles.

The worst part of this site is that they make it very difficult to cancel your membership. Other sites all you have to do is contact them and tell them you want to cancel your membership. Hookuphangout makes you a form that then has to be faxed to them! What a freaking joke! I would recommend that people stay away from this site just because of that. Yes, it isn't free, but at least unlike many other sites they have plenty of real women there.

We've investigated all three of those websites and we've concluded they're total […]. Says the review reports of scammer when you report,,they don't do crap about it. Then let alone try to cancel service. Site has place to cancel service…. Finally had to report to my Credit card company as fraud to stop them. Definetly a SCAM, just read terms and conditions point 3they say that you accept the fact that they create fake computer gererated profiles that will msg you.

In adition the procedure to cancel suscription is just a joke… because you can't purchase just a moth, Hookuphangout com reviews will be charged Hookuphangout com reviews forever. This article points that didn't receive messages. LOL… i received something like 10 msgs without even a picture. I have been a member for 36 hours or so… I do not work for HH or any dating website…. I posted 5 photos of myself dressed on HH, in a bathing suit, bare chested, exercising, but no nudity…. Same problem for letters received……Even messages you actually sent, will not be found there………….

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You will wind up sending messages to the same people……. You will think you have sent messages, but they were not sent…. They do not register as sent……. My Inbox on Friday morning says that I have 85 letters……When i became a paid member, after using my credit card, I had ………Where did the other 75 letters go?

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You will not know who you received messages from, either, unless it was very recent……You will not know if your messages were read…. It is not user friendly………. There are practically ZERO active members……. I have received s of letters in my inbox……. They are mostly from Europe……Women winking at me, wanting my skype or address………. HH also claims that if you pay extra on top of the GOLD membership, you will then be able to contact non paying members…………This is a lie, and HH staff have admitted this to me when i questioned them about it on the phone…….

Based on my 36 hour experience, the entire website is a non existent scam. Everything is defective or non existent……. Hookuphangout com reviews is that bad…. The members are scammers or non existent BOTs, and the reviews pervading the internet are scams also……. If you have any doubts, you can call me at …. Im paid thru October 31st, unfortunately……. These guys posting this work for the company, they HAVE to!!

You have to download a form, it and fax it back to them, and it does NOT have a bunch of females willing to hookup and hangout, there are many, many pictures of women, ONE picture and they try to direct you to another site, this place is PHONEY…. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Hookuphangout com reviews

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