Hottest male basketball players

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The NBA is a league of stars that fascinate their supporters with their game styles, moves, and techniques. Apart from their in-court attributes, these players also mesmerize their fans with their handsome looks, dress, and grooming. This year,SportyTell has selected and ranked the hottest NBA players whose sexy looks and grooming may dazzle you.

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Why is he hot? Sterling Brown is an athletic-built, good-looking young man complemented by his short haircut and a cute tattoo on his right arm. His captivating appearance and attractive physique are sufficient to keep him admirable to NBA fans.

A post shared by Book dbook. The Lithuanian Jonas Valanciunas is such a tower, but more attractive is his looks. A post shared by Cedi Osman cediosman. Cedi Osman, a Turkish basketball player with Macedonian roots, is much loved for his hair curls and attractive dress sense away from the court.

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Apart from the value, he adds to the team, the blend of fashion and grooming Osman adds to his lifestyle is commendable. Though he might be considered a little skinny, his height and breath-taking looks have masked that. A post shared by Blake Griffin blakegriffin His brown eyes, macho build, and brown facial hair that blend well with his skin make it difficult for female admirers to keep off.

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Griffin has also been tipped to have had a relationship with Brynn Cameron and even the influential model Kendall Jenner. Besides the fact that Griffin is one of the most attractive NBA players, he is a renowned star listed on the All-Star team on six occasions. Paul is loved for his heroics in basketball and his very stylish, attractive, and classy dress sense.

A post shared by Andre Iguodala andre. Andre Iguodala is a simple, well-groomed NBA star with good looks. He is muscular and wears a low cut and circle beard. A post shared by Ricky Rubio ruuufio. A post shared by Hottest male basketball players Gobert rudygobert Gobert has complemented his looks with his well-trimmed beards and high fade hairstyle with towering height and athletic body, undoubtedly making him one of the most attractive NBA players.

A post shared by Elchum Rozier rozier. Terry Rozier is a fan favorite for his game abilities, and his excellent fashion sense as he has been captured in many deers wears outside the court. A post shared by Gordon Hayward gordonhayward. Hayward is tall and athletically built, with brown eyes, hair, and a triangular face type. A post shared by Danilo Gallinari danilogallogallinari. Danilo Gallinari is of Italian roots.

Italians have a reputation for being one of the most beautiful people in the world. That robbed off on Gallinari. As a tall and slender figure, Gallinari has groomed himself over the years with a clean shave. He is so good-looking that he once featured as a model for the Italian online fashion store, Armani.

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A post shared by JJ Redick jjredick. Although in his mids, Jonathan Clay Redick still got good looks, sweet tattoos, and a classy swag outside the court. A post shared by Wayne Ellington wayneellington. A post shared by Kyle Kuzma kuz. He is quite a fashion freak with frequent changes in hairstyles and lovely outfits outside the court. A post shared by Ben Simmons bensimmons. He is good-looking, elegant, and stylish; quite one reason to win the heart of the American model, Kendall Jenner, who happens to be older. A post shared by Justise Winslow iamjustise. Within five years since his NBA debut, Justise Winslow has featured in braids, dread, afro, and fades, looking good in all.

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Winslow is muscular and complements his physique with a high sense of fashion and the right choice of outfits. A post shared by Serge Ibaka sergeibaka. The Congolese-Spanish professional basketball player is admired for the African tan, athleticism, and his excellent and decent choice of outfits. A post shared by Kevin Love kevinlove. As much as being influential in his team, Love is also an advocate of mental health.

He is well built, with blue eyes and brown hair. Love also has an awe-inspiring fashion sense, as shown by his posts on Instagram. Kelly Oubre Jr. Who are the hottest NBA Players right now?

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In these aspects, these most attractive NBA players have dictated fashion and its trends. Table of Contents. View this post on Instagram. Tags: Hottest AthletesTop List. Related Posts. Luka Doncic by a mile…???? Enrique Feldman November 10, Aaron Gordon So Sexy!!!!! Abby November 17, Oubre deserves to be at the top, easily. K4sum1 December 17, I like Chris Paul. He has such beautiful eyes.

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Hottest male basketball players

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Top 10 Hottest NBA Players To Look For This Year