How to romance a man

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There are lo of things you can do to make a man feel special and bring out his emotional side a little bit.

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Make him fall in love with you again! He might not even realize he needs a break from it all, so you just have to make it happen. When your man is working hard and under a lot of stress, leave him a care package outside his door, or have some of his favorite food delivered.

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Guys love sex. Help him start his day by stripping down naked and waking him up. The morning light and his tired eyes will find your beauty mesmerizing. Get pretty even if for no other reason than to please him.

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But every once in a while or more often if it suits you, put on a sexy dress and wear some makeup. Making the effort will make you feel great about yourself and will bring out a more passionate and romantic side in him. Guys need their guy time, just like we need our girl time.

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Let him enjoy his time. Do not ever, under any circumstances, no matter what, ever write him a poem. He will not get it, and he will not show you an equal amount of appreciation that your hard work deserves. But, leave him a little love note somewhere easy for him to find, like on the bathroom mirror, or on his computer screen.

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Keep it short, sweet, and maybe even a little funny. Slave away in the kitchen all day to make him his favorite meal, set your table for two and light a candle. Be sure not to skip on the dessert. How to romance a man? Just have a different date night. It is such a shame how many couples fall into a boring routine with each other. Make time for your relationship by doing different things every week.

Try new restaurants, check out a new film, or go to see a game together. When was the last time you and your man went on an adventure? When was the last time you slept on the beach or in a tent? Switch it up and do something together that neither of you have ever tried. Sometimes a little compromise goes a long way. If there is something he really wants to do, but you just dread the very thought of it, like going to the newest sci-fi film, then just appease him by being good company.

Reminding him of your love will help him bring out his emotions for you as well. Give your guy the royal treatment every now and again. Ask him what you can do to make him feel good. Cast your needs aside for the night and pamper him if he deserves it. Keep the fires blazing by trying new positions, new locations, or even new toys if you guys are a little kinky. Seduce him in the kitchen, do it on the floor and wear sexy lingerie. There is a lot to be said about being able to divulge your innermost skeletons with someone. Please Log In or add your name and to post the comment. Log In. LOG IN.

Forgot password? How to Romance a Man Relationship. How to Romance a Man. How to Romance a Man The first thing you must know is that men do How to romance a man have the same ideas about romance as women do. What they consider romantic is totally different, not just different from women in general, but different from man to man as well. Remember that men like to take charge and be in control. So try to figure out what exactly revs his engine, how to capture his attention, and how to turn him on.

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How to Romance a Man