I have a crush on my dentist

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Hello guys I'm 22 and he's 25,he's doing an internship actually,cause he got out of university not much time ago. I've been there twice to have some work done last Thursday and today ,and I'm supposed to go there other 3 times. It's not like I'm in love nor anything,I just have a crush on him and I'm curious what would happen if we could get to know each other more. He's kind and polite,and I think he's handsome obviously,I'm a nice looking girl;he kinda gave me some "als" but I can't be sure whether it's because he may be interested in me or he was just being polite.

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I really don't wanna miss this opportunity,I know I would regret it if I did,so I was thinking about the best way to make the first move or whatever haha. He doesn't have Facebook neither do I anyway so I can't contact him on there. There's always a dental assistant in the room,so I can't really be alone with him only sometimes,but then I have something in my mouth so I can't really talk haha. Should I give him like a note when the assistant isn't looking? Should I wait till the last time cause maybe he doesn't want to get involved with patients? Help me out! Well thank you very much for your answer,although it was kind of a let down haha.

I obviously don't want him to lose his job,but I thought that "technically" speaking, after I'm done with whatever I need to do, I wouldn't be a patient of that dentist anymore? But still, you said he should wait 2 years, and although I have a crush on him, I wouldn't wait this long haha. Or I could always give him a note saying "Hey,fancy a coffee? Call this in two years" :D. Doesn't it make a difference that he's only doing an internship there?

I mean he's not gonna work there forever. Go for it. You can always find another dentist if it blossoms and besides it's not that big of a deal. Just slip him your. Most guys will be flattered at the very least.

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You see that's why I'm confused haha. Everybody's telling me to go for it, but as alana said above, I don't wanna put him in an awkward position!

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When do you think I should slip him my ? The last time I go there maybe? Thanks for the advice anyway! Eheheh clever! I might try doing that, although 1 the "my friend was wondering. You never know though,thanks for your advice!!

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Beware if he says "you've got the nicest teeth I've ever cum across". Hahaha don't know if it was supposed to be a joke but that's really a smart excuse!!! Found the internet! I have a crush on my dentist.

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Posted by 7 years ago. Sort by: best. Call this in two years" :D Doesn't it make a difference that he's only doing an internship there? Awww I'm just so sad. Reply Share. Continue this thread. I wouldn't really mind :D. Next time he checks your mouth start to lick his fingers :D. Haha yeah don't think so :D. Share your favorite tips, ask for advice, and encourage others about anything dating. Created Sep 27, Top posts may 29th Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top.

I have a crush on my dentist

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I have a huge crush on my dentist. What do you think he's thinking?