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Pretty much no one leaves a country in SE Asia without paying a visit to one of its malls, and Thailand is no exception. Whether you just want to window shop, or you're looking for some new clothes to take home, going to a mall is part of the holiday. It was named after the parents of its chief developer and is a go-to shopping place for Thais and tourists alike.

And even though Thailand Mbk mall bangkok shops now swamped with numerous malls of different sizes, MBK still holds a place in the hearts of many, mainly due to its competitive pricing. Image credit: Peter Zoon. The MBK Centre is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm, making it the perfect place for a late evening shopping spree. It's also a great place to spend the last day if you've checked out of your hotel in the morning and your flight isn't until late evening or the early hours of the next day. Aside from its natural wonders and yummy cuisine, Thailand has another secret that attracts tourists and travelers — it's affordable fashion, beauty, and jewelry products.

In fact, I highly recommend traveling light so that you have plenty of space to bring stuff back home. Tees and bags can be picked up at bargain prices. If you like the somewhat chaotic yet energetic vibe of street and night markets in Bangkok, you will certainly enjoy your shopping experience at MBK. And better still, you Mbk mall bangkok shops enjoy the air-con and not have to worry about getting soaked in sweat while walking from shop to shop.

You'll find all clothes and shoes in a variety of sizes too; so do ask if you don't initially see your size. You can strike bargains at most stalls and shops and negotiate prices; wholesale is also widely available if that's your bag. I recently picked up some O' Neil swimming shorts at an outlet sale on the ground floor — so brand name bargains can be had. You'll find lots of jewelry at MBK, both costume and real stones and gold. For a general guide on what floor to go to for certain products, check out the Mall Layout section below.

Part of what locals and tourists like about MBK is its market-style layout. It has eight floors, with the 7 th and 8 th floors deed for entertainment. Six floors of shopping can get a little confusing, and because some are packed so tightly with shops, getting lost inside the mall is a real possibility. Image credit: Christian Henrich. To help you navigate, there are electronic directories posted on most floors.

See the complete store layout here. If you want phones or accessories, MBK is your place 4th floor. You can also buy cameras, watches, various tech and more.

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Image credit: Wpcpey. Indeed, Thai is one of the most Mbk mall bangkok shops Asian cuisines, and when in Bangkok you can indulge every day at a fraction of the price you'd pay back home. For the price, the quality of food here is generally good. If you're lucky, or not, however you may see it, there might be some live music playing as you chow down. The food court options offer delicious local and international cuisines from the likes of Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, North Africa, and Vietnam.

If you go up a floor you can extend your gourmet experience on the MBK Food Island, which houses local street style food. You scan the food court for what you want, and then go to the cashier and put an amount on a top-up card. Then go to the food stall and make your purchase with the card. If you have money left on the card at the end, you can refund it. Be aware that a security bag check, although not very thorough, is mandatory upon entry.

If you are serious about a shopping mission in MBK, it is best to go early and avoid the crowds. Weekends are naturally pretty busy, particularly in the afternoons. If visiting MBK after checking out of your hotel, you can take your luggage with you and drop it off at the service center on the 6 th floor. It is in Zone B, adjacent to the Food Island court. The service counter is open every day during mall hours, and the first four hours are free of charge. After that, you will need to pay Baht per bag.

Although MBK is a mall, haggling is most definitely practiced. You don't get nothing without askingso my mama said, but do so courteously. Don't be afraid to walk away if you can't get the price you want, but do be reasonable. You are shopping in a mall, yes, but that doesn't mean everything you see there is authentic. In past times MBK has come under fire for housing fake goods, but in recent years the mall is adamant that this has been eradicated.

Still, if the price is too good to be true, then it probably is. Well, it isn't always easy, but look for flaws — in brand spelling, font, stitches, etc. To be sure you are buying genuine products, buy brands from official shops or outlets. Also, don't be afraid to ask: Is this real? You will most Mbk mall bangkok shops see pirated movies and cracked software somewhere along the way.

If you buy these, know that you are taking a risk, as the disc may not play or be of low quality when you get home, and software may be prone to crashing. Although MBK is well-known for its bargain prices, that is not always the case, especially when it comes to local handicrafts that are often bought cheaper from street markets.

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That said, competition inside the mall is high, so you can shop around and haggle to bag good deals. Tip: be patient and do not buy the first product you see, especially if the item is one that is sold in multiple shops. Consider that shops and stalls on the lower floors pay more for rent and are likely to have higher prices. So shop around first. Eight floors is not a joke, especially with kids in tow. Use these tips to avoid spending the entire day looking for each other:.

Around a hundred thousand shoppers visit the centre every day, and this rises during weekends. You will pay a lot more at these places, though. Malls get to me after a while. They bring back memories of me and my brother being dragged around John Lewis of a Saturday afternoon. Step outside and visit the spirit houses pictured below. It's a an interesting, Mbk mall bangkok shops way to escape the shopper madness for 10 minutes. Admission is free and they always have wonderful exhibitions there.

You can grab a coffee there too. If the kids get bored of shopping, take them to the upper floors for bowling and games at the arcade; you can even try singing at the karaoke complex or go to the cinema. Outside MBK, you'll find the staple line of tuk-tuks offering to take you back to your hotel, and taxis touting for business.

You should know that tuk-tuks will overcharge if they can, and the taxis picking up foreigners here will try to charge a fixed price instead of turning on the meter — this is actually illegal. But look, at the end of the day, if your legs are shot and your arms are full of bags, paying an extra Baht is no big deal — if it means getting back to the hotel a little quicker for a much needed chill. Image credit: Twang Dunga.

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MBK Centre is located in central Bangkok, and it's a pretty good area to base yourself for shopping and sightseeing. Travel time: 1-minute walk and direct access to MBK Facilities: restaurant, cocktail bar, massage and spa treatments, fitness centre, saltwater swimming pool, rooftop tennis court, laundry services, babysitting services Average rate per night: 4, Baht.

Travel time: 5-minute walk to MBK Facilities: hr fitness centre, free parking, business centre, self-service laundry services, restaurant and bar Average rate per night: 3, Baht. Travel time: minute walk to MBK Facilities: outdoor pool, sauna room, day spa, restaurant, mini bar, fitness centre, free parking Average rate per night: 3, Baht.

Travel time: 3-minute walk to MBK Facilities: pet-friendly, laundry and shuttle services, corporate facilities, luggage storage, restaurant, bar, free parking Average rate per night: 1, Baht. Worth a visit: An interesting set of spirit houses outside the MBK center. For hostels check out Hostelworld. I never travel without it. You should too. Still Need a Flight? Find a cheap flight to Thailand using Momondo. This is my go-to search engine. Want Tips for More Shopping? Check out these markets in Bangkok.

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InMBK was dubbed as the largest mall in Asia. Phone and fashion accessories are aplenty. You will find real Converse and Fitflop.

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Mbk mall bangkok shops

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Best and Cheapest Things To Buy at Mahboonkrong (MBK) Mall in Bangkok