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After a chronic lower back injury left him unable to walk more than a block and his under-capitalized start-up was crashing along with the markets inhe decided to take up yoga when a back surgeon mentioned in passing that it might help.

Within six months, the pain had vanished—no surgery required—and Wachob found himself addicted to the promise of a more healthful existence. Touching on everything from food and nutrition to fitness, it also details how Wachob built mindbodygreenwhich is one of the biggest online players in the health and wellness space. Fun fact: He works with his wife, Colleen. We asked him to take us through his daily routine—and give up his favorite spots around the country for eating well on the road.

I have an alarm clock but rarely use it. Brushing my teeth wakes me up just enough to get ready for the ritual of meditating for 20 minutes before I start my day. I just sit up straight in bed and zen out. I also take a probiotic from Prescript Assist. And coffee. Lots of coffee. I absolutely LOVE coffee. And I love it black. I read the print edition of the Wall Street Journal. I quickly check work and the mindb odygreen home along with traffic and revenue from our online video classes.

I work with my wife, Colleen, at mindbodygreen which is amazing and fulfilling as we are both so passionate about wellness. But it can be challenging.

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Wellness is our life and many of the contributors and class instructors at mindbodygreen are some of our closest friends. We have 33 employees and even though we have our values up on the wall, culture is more than just writing down what you want it to be.

We recently moved into a new 10,square-foot office and I worked with Dana Claudat, an incredible feng shui deer to create an environment that was a true reflection of who we are. We have a meditation room, where I escape to every afternoon for another meditation session. We have art from people in our community. And I love that we have that huge reminder in our office. I always get a bowl with black beans, chicken, peppers, medium salsa, and double guacamole. I love, love, love guacamole.

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As an entrepreneur, I think they were brilliant. They built such a loyal and incredible community along with a sustainable and purpose-driven business. The park is beautiful and just a minute walk can help clear my head and get the clarity that I often need when making a difficult decision.

For me, that consists of meditating daily, doing yoga for 15 minutes every Saturday and Sunday, and hitting the gym every Monday night for 20 minutes or so. I use free weights and just do one set per body part until failure. I eat pretty clean. I always try to eat wild fish, and antibiotic-free and grass-fed red meat. We eat out a lot, too—specifically at the spots below. Since I love guacamole, you Mind body green online dating have guessed that I love Mexican food.

My wife and I are here a lot for date nights and date brunches. But my absolute favorite thing they have is their chilaquiles. They are absolutely delicious. The food here is locally sourced and they always have amazing veggie sides. Every once in awhile we all need a doughnut.

And Doughnut Plant has best doughnuts in the world. Sometimes on winter weekends we feel like Southern comfort food and that will always happen at Wilma Jean in Carroll Gardens. They have a great collard greens dish and fried pickles. They can also fry in gluten-free flour, which is awesome! The rest of the Australian healthy restaurant invasion takes place across the river in Manhattan and is lead by Bluestone Lane, which has amazing breakfast bowls.

Two Hands is part of the same Australian revolution—they have the best gluten-free banana bread known to man. The best plant-based pizza is happening at this new spot from Matthew Kenney in the East Village. Their Brussels sprouts are amazing. I wind down at night by turning off all devices and either lighting a candle or some incense. We also keep the bedroom temperature at 65 degrees, and create a complete blackout, which we treat as a sanctuary—no TV, only pictures of family.

Because Jason travels all the time, we asked him for his favorite generally healthy spots around the country. This spot in Silver Lake is a must, especially when meeting with our musician friends who seem to all live over there.

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Amanda Chantal Bacon is a dear friend and we love everything she does. Located at the Terranea Hotel in Palos Verdes, this is the perfect place to watch the sunset over dinner. The have a great kale salad. San Francisco is the city where I met my wife and we lived there for a year together so it has a sweet spot in my heart.

I love the blend of old school counterculture combined with the start-up scene, and nature—all at your fingertips. The hotel is situated in a National Park and our friend, Mike Freed, who is one of the owners is extremely passionate about sustainability. They have the most amazing organic sheets. I first learned about chakras at this studio on Fillmore Street.

They have amazing holistic treatments, and a great curation of products to buy, too. This is another go-to for a grass-fed burger. We fell in love with Heath Ceramics when they only had a small studio in Sausalito, registered there when we got married, and every time we go back we are inspired by their gorgeous color hues. I love walking around the Ferry Building and the Embarcadero, which has stunning views of the Bay Bridge. I love the new 1 Hotel from Barry Sternlicht. They might have the best tortilla chips with guacomole in the world here.

They hand-make the chips. I love the Wynwood section of Miami. Grab coffee at Panther Coffee and then sit outside and people watch. Get a juice and acai bowl at jugofresh —my favorite bowl is the Sunset Harbour acai Mind body green online dating.

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Morning 7am-ish I have an alarm clock but rarely use it. I also wear a lot of Marine Layer. And so can shoes, so I never wear them. I even wore Chucks at my wedding. My father, who passed away when I was 19 used to wear a Rolex and I guess I still wear one because it reminds me of him. Work 9am I work with my wife, Colleen, at mindbodygreen which is amazing and fulfilling as we are both so passionate about wellness. Brooklyn Gran Electrica 5 Front St.

Vinegar Hill House 72 Hudson Ave. Sweetgreen N. Depanneur Wythe Ave. Sweatshop Metropolitan Ave. Emily Fulton St. Doughnut Plant Flatbush Ave. Wilma Jean Smith St. Bluestone Lane 55 Greenwich Ave. Two Hands Mott St. Black Seed Bagels First Ave. El Rey Stanton St.

Hu Kitchen Third Ave. Dinosaur Coffee Sunset Blvd.

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Moon Juice Rose Ave. Modo Yoga S. La Brea Ave. Sqirl N. Virgil Ave. Forage LA W. Sunset Blvd. Gracias Madre Melrose Ave.

Mind body green online dating

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