Moving in together too soon

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in. Despite all the different ways to connect with someone 3, miles away, I was over it. I wanted a boyfriend — not a pen pal. So I did what any lovesick, still-living-with-her-parents, year-old would do. After spending maybe a total of 20 days together in person, I packed up my world and hauled ass from Chicago to California. All worries that we wer e moving in together too soon were overshadowed by our excitement at the idea of spending every.

No more countdowns. No more crying on airplanes. No more sniffing the last traces of his cologne out of a t-shirt. It just means you have to be prepared. One of the main reasons it worked for us is because I had more than butterflies and daydreams backing up my trust in this move, for all intents and purposes, to be with a perfect stranger. Our mothers were childhood friends and my mom had known this young man since he was born. Knowing his background added on to my gut instincts and gave me a reassuring safety net.

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I knew he was a good guy. He was alarmingly thoughtful, caring, and positive. But so many of us meet our ificant other and know nothing more than their name. Love is amazing!

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But please, read this first. Do you know how many serious relationships they have been in? How did those relationships end? How much do you know about their childhood and family? Take the time to learn about their history and what makes them who they are. What worked for us may not work for you — but this is what has helped us stay obnoxiously, nauseatingly, happy throughout an undeniably crazy moving-in-together scenario.

Early on he sees you barefaced in your coke-bottle glasses and you witness his daily post-coffee routine read: morning poop. This was useful once we decided to move in together because some of the insecurities that cause relationship anxiety were already gone.

If you live down the street from your dude, plan a test drive. Go on a week-long vacation and promise to be your true selves. You lose your personal space along with much of your privacy. He brushes his teeth while you get into your PJs, and then he picks at ingrown beard hairs while you apply a detoxifying mask.

Then he bursts out laughing and compares your face to Wilson from Castaway. But he tells you that you still look cute. And you believe him. At first it will be hard to get over the little things. But I promise the happy little things, like kisses goodnight and 6 a. The idea of moving in together planted a reel of picture-perfect scenarios in my mind. I was most excited to be waking up to my favorite face every day, but I also felt like this was going to be Moving in together too soon turning point in my life.

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The beginning of a new chapter. But somewhere around the week before I was leaving, I realized how scared I was about everything I was leaving behind. When you share an sq. So go in with an open mind and be ready for anything. Also, no one wants to feel like being scolded, so unless you want your S.

Just be gentle and thoughtful. Oh no, not you? Face the facts, darling. Since, as I mentioned, we all have our own weirdness to overlook. Will it work out if you move in after only three months? Who knows. Chicago transplant living in San Diego and writing about relationships, psychology, and anything else that wanders into my mind.

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I Survived: Moving In Together Too Soon