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As Haitian-Americans, religious congregations, and people of faith supporting our sisters and brothers in Haiti at this time of great need, we urge you to listen to and stand with the courageous individuals and organizations now at work to re-establish security, democracy, human rights and sustainable development in Haiti. We call on your administration to support trusted Haitian faith and civil society groups take needed action on these priorities:. Establish security, rule of law and respect for human rights.

The U. Security is the biggest obstacle to free and fair elections and economic recovery. Security has eroded dramatically in the past five years. Gangs are terrorizing, killing and kidnapping citizens in Port-au-Prince and the major cities. Corruption is rampant. Conduct free, fair, and inclusive national and municipal elections. The people of Haiti must feel safe enough to participate.

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Haitians need a transitional government they trust to prepare the nation for free, fair, inclusive, and legitimate national and municipal elections. Investment in community-led development. USAID must prioritize investment in Haitian-led civil society groups that respond to local community priorities. Any direct aid to the government should go to municipalities and encourage domestic resource mobilization to address local needs and deliver basic services. Our analysis shows that less than one percent of U. That must change. Your leadership in supporting legitimate, inclusive processes led by Haitian civil society and faith groups will send a clear message to the Haitian people that the U.

Please do the right thing in this moment of moral urgency. John Baumann, S. Do you perceive it? Now is the time for the United States to do a new thing in its policy toward Haiti. Sister Maureen Brugess, Srs. Every sentence is on point and just. I question however the need for another transitional government to conduct elections. Transitions are by definition unstable. Therefore, the more we have of them, the more instability we will have to endure. And, Haiti cannot take any more blows at this point. So, now we have one single goal, that of a direct transition to an able, legitimate and stable governance in the country as soon as possible.

They are one of our very close neighbors and it is the right action to take. We appreciate all those who are working towards that just end. The people of Haiti have suffered too much! Michael Gosch, Clerics of St. Viator, Arlington Heights, Illinois.

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Angela Behen, Congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, Brighton, Massachusetts. Emmet Farrell, Creation Care, Diocese of San Diego, San Diego, California Haiti needs all the help that we can give it to re-establish a democratic government and help them to rebuild their economy.

We can also help them to get vaccinated and stay healthy by donating the vaccines. Delegate for Religious S. I want to implore you to do what is needed to help save lives. Lesbhia M. Morones, Faith In Action East Bay, Hayward, California I believe the Haitians deserve our support, the US administration's full support, trust and confidence to re-establish democracy, human rights, social justice programs and sustainable development. We urge you to help Haiti to: 1. Conduct free, fair, inclusive and national and municipal elections 3.

We all need to help them, not just the United States, but all of us. Thank you. God bless all the efforts you do. The Felician Sisters sponsor education and health services to the people of Haiti and can attest to the strong moral values of the people who are being destroyed by the corruption of the power mongers and unbridled gangs. Keep our sisters safe! And keep all Haitian people safe so that our sisters may continue their work with the people.

Therese Szczepczynski, Felician Sisters, Chicago, Illinois We have sisters working in Jacmel and they are concerned about their safety and the safety of the children and people they serve. We are concerned about them and about the injustices the people of Haiti have endured for so long. Justice and Peace Coordinator Sr. DO IT. Teresa Ojendis, Iglesia anunciacion, Aurora, Colorado. MaryAnn Preston, married to a Haitian American, New York, New York Please support our Haitian Brothers and Sisters in Haiti and Haitian refugees this is no time to be deporting these people to Haiti let the Haitians choose the best leaders for themselves and stop our outside interference and stop supporting leaders that really don't care about the majority of the Haitian Citizens.

They deserve to have free and fair elections and not to have corrupt people that we think they should have!!! Vincents, Baltimore, Maryland Mrs. The Rev. Please help! God bless your ministry Mr. President and thank you. Clergy Rev. Annie Jones, Rose of Sharon Tabernacle, Denver, Colorado Support Haiti in all critical areas for stabilizing all systems necessary to support the imperative needs of all the people. Stand with Haiti! Dennis Schafer, Sacred Heart Franciscan Friary, Indianapolis, Indiana The people of Haiti have suffered from earthquake, hurricane and the terrors of political ambition.

They need our assistance to recover from all three. Let us reach out to our brothers and sisters in need. May their efforts to bring about democracy for their people be rewarded! God bless! Sister Cecilia Hudec, Sister of Charity, Rego Park, New York It was wonderful to meet on screen the people who are working so hard to help Haiti to stand up again after such devastating events.

George Marsh, Sisters and Associates of St. Francis, Tiffin, Ohio, Tiffin, Ohio. Please be compassionate to the people of Hati. Support Haitians helping themselves. All elements of society need to be included in doing the leading. Sister Frances Murray, Sisters of St. Joseph, Albany, New York.

They have suffered natural disasters beyond imagining and have been humiliated as a people, for instance during the AIDS crisis. It is time that they are given what they need to thrive. It is time for us to learn from the Haitian people how to hold on and hold out through hard No strings attached Milton New Hampshire.

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They have done it, over and over. Fikiri Deogratias, Society of Jesus, Berkeley. Sister Aline Antil, Srs. Clement Davis, St. Our government for too long ignored the devastation to this tiny neighbor wrought by generations of a dictatorship that was inimical to our democratic values and to the political and economic health of the Haitian people.

We must begin to be better neighbors to Haiti. Margaret Bowerman, St. Columba, Oakland, California. Gwen Evans, St. Something has to be done to free Haiti from tyranny and restore a 'decent' life for our sisters and brothers. Judy Luce, St. Columba parish, Berkeley, California For once, the US has to stand by the people of Haiti in running their own country, and provide the kind of aid they need to get their economy running and provide for basic needs for all citizens.

Carolyn Krantz, St. Ignatius of Antioch, Antioch, California. Lucille Gervase, St. Jane Gould, St. Anne Landrum, St. Margaret Mary Church, Maitland, Florida. Mary Derbort, St. Michael Parish, Canon City, Colorado. Caroline Larson, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Bedford, Massachusetts Our church supports several programs in Haiti which are struggling to survive the chaos.

Please help establish a democratic, able government through free, fair and inclusive elections. Kathleen No strings attached Milton New Hampshire, St. Its a very close neighbor to our country and it is important to assist our neighbors. I have, now its your turn as well. Kathy Duhigg Tommie Mayfield, St. For too long, the US has been part of Haiti's problems and we need to be part of its solutions. Director Timothy Duda, Terra Advocati, San Antonio, Texas Investment and development of 'green' infrastructure will provide jobs, bring about a stable economy, alleviate poverty and address Haiti's environmental issues.

They need food, water, tarps initially, and then they need goats and seeds, and cisterns and houses to be rebuilt.

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Please help our neighbors. Sarah Kinley, Unitarian Universalist church Huntsville al. Vaudreuil Toussaint, Viktim reveye. President Biden, as you do here in the US, I ask you to please use your clout to do the right thing in the vulnerable but beautiful country of Haiti.

Mary E. Please do what you can to help the unfortunate people of Haiti. Abraham Oboruemuh, Riverside, California. The people of Haiti are seeking haven in our country. Please welcome them as refugees and asylum seekers.

No strings attached Milton New Hampshire

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