Pattaya bus to bangkok airport

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Bangkok airport to Pattaya is a very common route, and most people jump in a Taxi or private hire car. If you're traveling alone, this option might be a preferred one too, because it doesn't require you to travel into central Bangkok, and there's the added bonus of potentially meeting others traveling to the same destination. The bus stops at the North opposite Bangkok-Pattaya hospitaland South Pattaya opposite Big C intersections, Pattaya bus to bangkok airport then goes onto Thappraya Road where it stops at the company office.

Note that the bus that leaves at 9 and 10pm only stops at North Pattaya Bus station. They Pattaya bus to bangkok airport this is for your own safety and probably to do with tourists becoming targets for thieves at the other station at this time of night. The bus takes 2 hours from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya. The same is scheduled for a return journey. You are allowed one small piece of hand luggage that will fit in the overhead compartment, and one standard checked-in suitcase of no more than 20kg.

If you go oversize or overweight or have extra bags you will have to pay extra. TIP: Label your bags with your full name, and destination address. Do not leave valuables in stowed baggage. Put valuables in a small body satchel or handbag that is kept on you at all times.

You can book with Bell Travel. Choose from the fleet of coaches that seat up to 40 people and mini vans which seat up to Select your dates below to see availability:. This can save you time in a busy departure hall. The only set-back is if you get a flight delay.

It might be a good idea to give yourself 2 hours between arriving on the plane and catching the bus. You can buy them here. By law all private buses are insured for third party claims. This coversBaht per person in case of medical expense, death or loss of a bodily organ. Make sure you have travel insurance. Alcohol is not permitted on the bus, and neither is smoking.

There is no food on board, so take some snacks for the journey. You can purchase a ticket at the Bus Station on Thappraya Road. Please see the Google map below for the location. If flying in to Don Muang, you can transfer to Suvarnabhumi airport.

Jump in a taxi, which will cost approximately Baht, or get the public bus — s or cost 37 Baht. You could also go to either the Eastern Bus Station Ekkamai and the Northern Bus Station Mo Chit and catch a public bus to Pattaya, but if you're new in town, I'd make it easy for yourself and just go to Suvarnabhumi airport for the easy coach transfer.

There's also the option of a train, but it takes 5 hours, so I'd go with the bus from Suvarnabhumi airport. If you have any other questions about the Bangkok Airport to Pattaya bus service, leave them below. This is my go-to search engine. For hostels check out Hostelworld.

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I never travel without it. You should too. Last Updated on January 21, Jan 20, at pm. Jan 21, at pm. Dec 26, at am. Oct 16, at pm. Jul 13, at pm. Jul 02, at pm. Apr 18, at pm. Jan 29, at pm. Jan 03, at pm. Mar 26, at pm. Mar 01, at pm. Feb 23, at am. Feb 06, at pm. Jan 26, at pm. Jan 23, at pm. Notify me when new comments are added. Where Can I buy a Ticket? You can buy a ticket at the airport counter by going to level 1, gate 8, in the arrivals hall. How Much is a Ticket? Tickets cost between and Baht each, depending on the service you use.

What Times Does the Bus Leave? Departures start at 7am and run on the hour up until 10pm. Where Does the Bus Stop? Please see the map locations below. The map for the final stop is later down the. How Long Does the Bus Take? What is the Baggage Allowance? Select your dates below to see availability: This can save you time in a busy departure hall. Are Coaches Insured? No, your child has to sit on your lap. You can then fasten your seatbelt around your. Expect delays too, this is Thailand and the ro are very busy in the rush hour.

There's also the option of a train, but it takes 5 hours, so I'd go with the bus from Suvarnabhumi airport —— If Pattaya bus to bangkok airport have any other questions about the Bangkok Airport to Pattaya bus service, leave them below. Share it Tweet it Pin it it. The Thai Bites Newsletter. Receive my monthly roundup of posts with tips on living and traveling in Thailand. Comments Sort by : newest oldest Please include map or googlemap link of drop off locations.

Hi Mortt, I have included maps for the drop off and pick up points in Pattaya. Normally if you get off the plane, how long does it take to get through the immigration to the waiting area for the coach around March-April. It can vary from 10 minutes if you've got a close gate and no line to over an hour if you're out in the far reaches and there's a long line.

No way to tell. I am using the bus from Bangkok airport, which is the best stop for me in Pattaya? Thank you in advance!!

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Is the bus stop at pattaya near to Jomtien beach? Any advice most welcome. What is the address for the North Pattaya stop?

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Can I buy bus fare from there toSuvarnabhumi Airport? Is the bus service available on a weekend or only weekdays. Yes, it runs on weekends too. Thanks for the answerhad been trying to get an idea as to bus or taxi. Every time I tried it gave me the reply no bus available on the dates I searched. Don't know if it's because its Sunday or the site trying to get me to book a taxi. What site are you trying? Theres a good reason to ask the hotel or friends in Thailand if they know a driver that can pick them up.

It would be around bht. The best reason to take a taxi is if you have luggage the taxi drives you to your destination while the buss stops along the route where you have to take a motorbike taxi usually 2, 1 for your luggage or bahtbuss if your lycky Pattaya bus to bangkok airport on your route,in 30 degrees heat. So theres actually benefits for a taxi if your a tourist but as an expat i guess you know your way around :.

Great article. At BKK its stop is at door no. The schedule is from 5 a. That service is complimentary, but there is the prerequisite that you have to hold a valid eticket from the other airport. Let me perhaps add that the travel time for that bus service is usually 45 minutes, but during rush hour it can take 75 minutes. Easy transport good article.

That's cool. How often does it run? Send this to a friend. Send Cancel.

Pattaya bus to bangkok airport

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