R6 2nd gear

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By RupertApril 7, in Naked. It could be that you are not being firm enough with the gear lever. Make sure the oil in the gearbox is clean and that the chain is also tensioned correctly. I bet the selector fork is badly worn or bent, or 2nd gear [ spinning gear] will be needing shimmed, it will have too much side movement, [5mm is too much] as you try to select 2nd" the spinning gear will move away from the driven gear, resulting in a false neutral. Id change the oil and go from there, might be nothing to worry about.

Your model R6 2nd gear know for a bad gearbox so hopefully all is okay inside. That sounds like the problem with my r6 a model,1st gear no problem then go up the gears becomes hard to change,also hard to change down,anyone help please. Ah " youve found the post. If it's anything like the r from the same years, the dogs on 2nd gear go bad from poor shifting usually not being firm enough.

Try applying light upward pressure to the shifter to preload it before you shift. It'll almost jump into gear then. On the r's that did this same thing, they'll pop out of gear long before 9k rpm if 2nd has gone bad. Good luck! If you hold the shifter up R6 2nd gear releasing the clutch and it goes better than most likely the fork is bent,if it blow back out of gear still then the dogs and windows are worn. First thing to do is change the oil and if no improvment then you can open the clutch cover and check the detent spring,but mostlikely you going to have to split the case and change out the fork and re cut the dogs and windows on the 2 gears for 2nd, most racers will have that gear undercut creating a ramp so when the dogs meet R6 2nd gear window they pull themself together.

My r6 gear problem has been solved it was the bearing which is on the shift rod with the selector on,we managed to get some z1 inside the bearing to free it of now I can get every gear easily. I do agree with them that is a common problem with that year model. But try to change your engine oil and observe if that doesn't solve the problem than no choice but to open up the cltuch assembly and gears.

A pal of might did this but went for aftermarket parts instead of oem, worked great and no more shifting issue as he stated shifts better compared to stock. I've had a similar problem when I first got my r1 model. After a mile ride my gears became stiff especialy down the box and difficult 1st to 2nd, this was new oil from the dealer I got it from. After about miles the oil had a very slight amount of white floating in the top of the site glass, so I did an oil and filter change to castrol power 1, and what a difference.

Much smoother. Nice into second gear. Even after a good thrash for miles. Still good now and no more white stuff. Thought my head cylinder gasket had gone at first, but no oil or water lost and now ok after about miles. Think it was treacle or golden syrup and not good oil. Rapidgaz, if you look at the header you will see this is a postmight make more sense to open a new post rather then ressurect one from 2 years ago.

Share More sharing options Followers 0. Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Rupert Posted April 7, Posted April 7, Hi all, I have purchased a yamaha r6 from the year The engine has a pretty low mileage of The bike has not been used for the last few years with the last owner. Now a couple of days ago Ive been having some problems with my gearshifting. Then from 1st into the second gear it shoots into neutral. If i try this over and over again eventually it will change gear, Then from 2nd gear until six there is no problem at all.

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Does anyone know what the cause may R6 2nd gear I've read that the models had some problems with the 2nd gear but this should be solved in my model. I can't find any simual topics with this problem. All the other topics are about the second gear falling out on around rpms. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Do you want an ad-free experience? today and help support the Yamaha Owners Club.

DirtyDT Posted April 7, Ryan09 Posted April 8, Posted April 8, Posted July 18, Posted July 20, Posted August 2, Posted August 16, Posted March 14, Sent down the wires from home. Posted March 15, Sorry only just ed, did not realise it was so old. Lol Was only saying from my experience. Lol Sent down the wires from home. This topic is now closed to further replies. Go to topic listing.

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R6 2nd gear

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What is the common 2nd gear problem for the R6??