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For the Record …. The Mavericks, a country band whose neo-honky-tonk tunes hark back to the s and s, found success in Nashville with the release of their second major label album, What a Crying Shamein Lead vocalist and songwriter Raul Malo told the Charlotte.

Members include Paul Deakin born c. BoxNashville, TN Some critics have accused the Mavericks of lightening up their message and style in order to appeal to a wider range of listeners. The group was founded in by Malo, a Cuban American and native of Miami whose parents had fled the regime of Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro. He played in Miami pop-rock bands, including the Tomboys and the Basics, until the night he heard Rodney Crowell perform at a club in Miami Beach. First Malo recruited acoustic guitar player Ben Peeler — himself a classically trained college music student.

After several months with various backup players, the duo approached bassist Robert Reynolds and drummer Paul Deakin, two close friends who had also been playing in pop bands. The quartet quickly adopted the Mavericks as a good name for their band, and small wonder — they found work not in the numerous country music clubs in Broward County but in the rock venues of South Beach.

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People started coming out, and before you knew it every place we played was packed. For more than two years the Mavericks reveled in their local popularity, augmenting their meager earnings as performers with day jobs and occasional appearances with more conventional bands. Gradually — as Malo added more and more songs he had written to their play list — they began to ponder the possibilities of landing a recording contract with a big Nashville record company. The ploy was a common one, but for the Mavericks it worked like a charm. Executives at several Nashville studios competed with one another to the group.

Producer Tony Brown ed the band to a multiple record deal — so the story goes — before the musicians had even finished their sound check. Dark and poetic with songs about child abuserundown neighborhoods, and the plight of political refugees, From Hell to Paradise won rave reviews for the Mavericks from record critics. But country radio stations failed to play the singles MCA released from the album. As a result, sales of From Hell to Paradise failed even to cover production costs, and the Mavericks found themselves booked into hotel lounges and country fairs.

They still had the multiple-record deal, though, and Malo decided his band was well worth preserving. The resulting work, What a Crying Shamebrought the Mavericks the exposure they had hoped for. With some hard work by the radio promotions department at MCA, the title song became a hit; the album was certified gold in Raul malo married trisha yearwood just a few months after its release.

It later went platinum. The Mavericks, with new lead guitarist Nick Kane, found commercial success without compromising their rowdy rockabilly sound. Malo says his piece and moves on — broken heart or not. Having established themselves in Music City, the Mavericks embarked on the standard record-and-tour lifestyle of major country artists.

Reynolds married singer Trisha Yearwood inand he and the other members of the group have all moved to Nashville. Malo, whose engaging tenor vocals serve to anchor the group, added that he plans to continue melding traditional and novel sounds in his songs. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Johnson, Anne " The Mavericks. Johnson, Anne "The Mavericks.

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October 26, Retrieved October 26, from Encyclopedia. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Formed:MiamiFlorida. Former member: David Lee Holt, guitar. A popular band led by expressive vocalist Raul Malo, the Mavericks were an anomaly in s country.

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Never as Raul malo married trisha yearwood sounding as the more commercially successful group Lonestar, the Mavericks pioneered a highly individualistic style that drew upon traditional country instrumentation of guitar, drums, and fiddles. Malo, a distinctive and engaging singer, brought an additional perspective to the group through his Cuban-American heritage.

Backing Malo with tight, rhythmically precise playing, the group's members created an explosive yet warm sound. The Mavericks formed in Miami, Florida, after Malo, a longtime country fan, met bassist Robert Reynolds, who shared his fondness for classic country vocalists such as Patsy Cline and Orbison. After Reynolds recruited the talents of his best friend, drummer Paul Deakin, the group began playing rock clubs in the Miami area. In the band released its independently financed debut album, which received substantial local airplay in Florida before attracting the notice of several record companies in the country capital of NashvilleTennessee.

A rich collection distinguished by Malo's keening tenor, the album mines country tradition with exciting. The title track, featuring several lyrics sung in Spanish, is a biting, angry critique of the Cuban revolution and the repressive government of postrevolutionary leader Fidel Castro. Overall, From Hell to Paradise established the Mavericks as a unique, uncompromising force in contemporary country. In the group achieved its biggest commercial success with What a Crying Shame, which featured minor country hits such as "There Goes My Heart" and the title track.

Lacking From Hell to Paradise 's energetic spark, the album nonetheless veers comfortably between swinging, up-tempo s and rock-influenced ball such as "All That Heaven Will Allow," originally recorded by Bruce Springsteen.

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The album's follow-up, Music for All Occasionscombines the group's country orientation with a nostalgic penchant for s pop music. While enjoyable, most critics agree the album's kitschy affability lacks the depth of its predecessors. After singing lead on a further album, TrampolineMalo began pursuing a solo career while remaining part of the group. Although the Mavericks did not officially disband, the group had become largely inactive by the early s. The Mavericks emboldened s country with a mixture of s-styled pop, rock, and Cuban balladry. Benefiting from the sparkling lead vocals of Malo, the group enjoyed a brief chart run during the mids, defying the slick trend in commercial country radio with a captivating, persuasive sound.

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Raul malo married trisha yearwood

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