Slang pearl necklace

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The topic of discussion is pearls, and no, it's not the kind that come from under the sea. These pearls are made up of seamen. See what I did there? OK, you may have heard of a pearl necklace as it Slang pearl necklace to sexbut do you really know what is a pearl necklace and why you would want one? The pearl necklace is one of the best ways to add a little kink into your sex life without really diving too far in.

Photo: Cosmopolitan. How creative, right? A pearl necklace is the result of another sexual act that precedes it, like a hand or blowjob. In her book Guide To Wicked SexJessica Drake, a porn star and sex educator, shares some insight on the pearl necklace. She says that a pearl necklace is especially useful when experimenting with a new partner so that you can see how much and how far he orgasms before letting him ejaculate in other places.

If you want to try out this sex practice out, wait until a time when you are giving a handjob or blowjob and when your partner is about to orgasmaim their penis at your neck or chest.

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It might be best to communicate your plan before the act so your partner can let you know when they are about to ejaculate. However, if you want your partner to be in charge, just let him know that you are OK with the pearl necklace so he knows his boundaries. Have fun and be careful not to get any in your eyes. YourTango may earn an affiliate commission if you buy something through links featured in this article.

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Slang pearl necklace

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