Staples dual layer dvd

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If you're reading this then you're probably someone that hasn't been clued in just yet as to how bad all the 'cheap' double layer discs are. You get what you pay for in this world and whilst Verbatims might cost you a couple of quid more to start with, you'll be saving in the long run because you won't end up with a stack of coasters!

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Note: The following options actually apply to anyone having problems burning any sort of media. The 8x ones are newer and some older drives don't really have the firmware tweaks required to burn them. For that reason we recommend you stick to the 2.

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Of course if you're having problems with the 2. Total Blank Media. Problems burning double layer discs? Share More sharing options Followers 1. Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted October 13, Try cleaning the drive with a cleaning disc or if you're feeling confident, take it apart and clean it manually. Try burning your current media at all of the write speeds your drive says it supports for that MID look in the disc info text on the right of the main screen to see what they are.

Avoid using slimline laptop style drives - in general, they're rubbish. So, I bet you're thinking 'Hmmm Europe billigmedien. Sweden SweBurn. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options This topic is now closed to further replies.

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Staples dual layer dvd

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Staples 8X DVD+R Dl Silver 25/Pack