What are street names for crack

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The street names of drugs are a way to communicate about them without identifying an actual drug. These names may be spoken, handwritten, or included in s or texts. Heroin is popular because of the euphoric high it induces, even from the first use. Opioids were originally hailed as an effective pain medication. Thanks to a mix of advertising dollars, over-prescribing by doctors, and misrepresentation by pharmaceutical companies, the opioid epidemic continues its assault on the nation. Opioids can be taken in pill form or crushed and snorted or injected.

Cocaine exists in white powder form and represents one of the greatest drug threats. Cultivation and production is higher than ever in Columbia, the source of almost all of the cocaine that exists in the world. The form of cocaine in crystal form is called crack cocaine. Crack can be a solid block, and it can also come in the form What are street names for crack white, pale rose, or yellow crystals.

Heating the crystals before smoking causes them to crack or pop; hence, the name. Crack is very addictive because of its fast and intense high. It only takes one time to cause addiction. Fentanyl represents another legitimate pharmaceutical. This painkiller is used to relieve the pain of end-stage cancer patients. Fentanyl is also an opioid and is hundreds to thousands of times more powerful than morphine. Fatal overdoses from this drug are increasing. Benzodiazepines are a class of legitimate drugs that are prescribed for the purpose of relieving the symptoms of anxiety, inducing sleep, preventing seizures, and producing a sedating effect.

Common brand names include Ativan, Klonopin, Restoril, and Valium, and it also has a of street names. Xanax represents another commonly prescribed drug for anxiety. When misused, this drug can cause a person to feel drowsiness and create an odd sensation. Xanax can also cause serious side effects, including seizures and depression, and it has several street names.

Yet another opioid, for decades morphine has been used for the treatment and management of pain after surgery. Available in tablet, liquid, and powder form, this common drug can be ingested via swallowing, smoking, or inhaling through the nose snorting and causes the user to feel euphoric.

The drug can cause a slow heartbeat, shallow breathing, seizures, and extreme mood changes. OxyContin, also known by its generic name Oxycodone, is another drug prescribed as a painkiller. This particular drug kills pain over a hour period via the slow release of medication. However, when misused, several pills are crushed and then snorted. This instantly delivers the full dose for a potent high. However, many seeking the same high at a lower cost will turn to heroin, which also does not require a prescription to obtain.

Marijuana is an illicit drug having the most common use in the country. This drug is available in its natural form, as well as synthetic marijuana. Street names for marijuana include:. A person can exhibit one or many of the following:. To speak with a specialist, call Glossary of Street Names for Drugs. Heroin Heroin is popular because of the euphoric high it induces, even from the first use.

What are street names for crack

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