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Nothing brings cat lovers more joy than raising an adorable kitten. While others can easily purchase any cat breed of their choice, others Where can i find free kittens only left to daydream about owning one. This is why many feline enthusiasts try to get kittens for free. If you want credible tips on how to find free kittens or adult cats near your area, you are definitely on the right. Regardless of where you live, there are many ways for you to get a free kitten or cat.

Although not always guaranteed, your chances of successfully taking home a new companion are never zero. The ways listed below are realistic enough to actually let you have the pet of your dreams without having to spend a single dime:. Cat overpopulation is still a ificant issue in many countries, especially in big cities. Since many owners choose not to neuter or spay their cats, thousands of unwanted litters are produced every year. These helpless kittens and their cat moms are thrown to the streets and left to survive on their own.

If you observe a stray kitty lingering near your front door or yard, start feeding them to gain their trust. If you want to hear a successful rescue story, here is a video of an abandoned kitten who was eventually adopted:. Animals are taken in by the dozen every minute in pet shelters. Sadly, approximately 5, cats and dogs are euthanized each day. While most animal shelters require an adoption fee, others can let you adopt a kitten without charge. However, you should proceed with caution because you may end up getting a kitten that has underlying illnesses due to old age or complications from poor health.

You will need to shoulder any medical expenses needed to treat them. A better option than a shelter is going to a local rescue organization. These rescue groups are dedicated to saving various animals, including cats, from high-kill situations and crowded shelters. They also require a small adoption fee, but this can easily be waived if you choose to be a foster parent for their rescue. After the fostering period, they can give you the necessary paperwork for the official adoption of the cat.

This also serves as an assessment if you are ready to be a cat parent or not. If you have a friend, relative, or even a neighbor who is expecting a new kitten litter, you can pay them a visit to ask if you can have one of the newborns. Reassure your friend that the kitten will be given proper care and attention. Then, when the kitten is old enough for you to take home, you can offer them a free drink or better yet, cook them a good meal as a way of saying thanks.

For more chances of finding a cat, use the power of social media. Many Facebook groups and s are dedicated to Where can i find free kittens up kittens, adults, and senior cats of all breeds for adoption. You might be surprised by the of people wanting to give their kittens up without any adoption fee.

However, you need to be quick because most of the available cats posted are given on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are in close contact with a veterinarian in your city or town, you can ask him to refer you to clients that may have an extra kitten that they would like to give up for free. If they say that there is no current information about this matter, you may leave them your contact details just in case they come in contact with someone who can help you.

Your local pet stores are not just places where you can shop for pet supplies. You can also adopt cats or kittens through their free adoption program. You should check out PetcoPetSmartand Pet Supplies Plus for the schedules of their adoption clinics, as they call it.

This initiative helps give homeless cats a new chance at building a normal life with a loving family. People from all over the United States post listings of anything they have for sale, including pet cats. However, some owners may not actually require payment for their posts.

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Alternatively, you can post an ad stating that you would like a free cat. From websites, we go back to the old-school way of searching for free cat adoption announcements — newspapers. You may not know it yet, but your good old newspaper might just have the advertisement for your new pet kitten. Before you get lost in the sea of s and information, I suggest that you look straight into the classified section.

Hashtags are also helpful in finding advertisements on Instagram and Twitter. Refrain from instantly giving away personal information and ask the right questions before closing a deal with anybody. Bring your fliers with you at all times so you can place them in a suitable location.

A piece of paper can go a long way. Yes, you can only buy kittens from breeders and not ask them for free but hear me out. However, it still pays to be careful about unethical breeders masking their poor breeding practices by giving out free kittens. Getting a free kitten or cat is indeed great for your budget.

However, it also comes with some negative consequences. These include carriers, beddings, toys, cat trees, scratching posts, and grooming essentials. Adopting a cat from a rescue usually takes two weeks or more since they are run by volunteers. You can instantly get your kitten and take it home. You can also save yourself from interviews, home visits, and tedious evaluations. As they say, there are two sides to every coin. So before you get a free kitten, consider the following disadvantages:.

There is very little to no guarantee that the free kitten you will get is healthy.

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You will also need to pay for neutering or spaying services out of your own pocket. As these expenses add up, you may find that the money you spent is almost equal to the price of a kitten from a breeder. For instance, if you adopt a feral cat, you may have trouble dealing with aggressiveness. Because they are not used to humans, they have a tendency to hiss, claw, or even bite when approached.

You need to be very patient in taming them. Make sure that they have a trustworthy profile and insist on asking questions about the kitten they are giving away. As much as possible, transact with someone who was referred by someone you trust, like your vet or relative. Not many people want to give their kitties up for free.

Most of them might prioritize giving them to close family friends and relatives. Stray cats might not always be lurking in your area. On the other hand, adoption clinics might only have a limited of kittens given for free, so you need to be there as early as possible. As with other sources, the chances of getting a cat can be very slim. With these considerations in mind, you can put more thought into getting a free cat and compare the pros and cons of buying a breeder-quality kitten.

You might be wondering why some kittens or cats are given away for free. There are a couple of reasons why an owner would give them up. To help you understand better, here is a list of reasons why kittens are given up for adoption without any fees:. Due to unfortunate circumstances, many people choose to give their cats to aspiring cat owners for free.

This is also less of a hassle for them compared to surrendering the kitty to a shelter or rescue. Adopting a stray kitten is a good idea for those who want to save a life and have an instant pet. Unlike feral cats, most stray cats are ly owned by families who just chose to throw them away. While they can be a bit aloof, these cats are easier to tame and adjusted to a home setting.

PetSmart usually partners with local shelters to put up cats for adoption. Depending on the shelter they are working with, they may or may not require an adoption fee. However, senior cats will likely be given up for free rather than kittens. A mother cat will not abandon her kittens when a human touches them. Cheap kittens for sale can be bought from backyard breeders or found on websites such as GoKitty or even Craigslist. The kittens available in these sources are less expensive because the sellers are not certified by any cat registries. No health guarantees and registration are provided after purchase.

Getting a free kitten is a dream come true for many feline aficionados with no financial privilege to buy one. While this is the most convenient and practical way to have a pet cat, it may not always be favorable. The last thing you want is to realize that you are not fit to own a cat at all.

If you do choose to adopt a free kitten, make sure to ask Where can i find free kittens owner about any inherited diseases and other health-related information. My name is John Carter and I absolutely love pets, especially cats and dogs. My passion for animals started at a very young age as I grow up on a farm with several horses, cows, cats, chickens, and dogs on our property. Why not get the best of both worlds by getting a Boston Pit? This hybrid fog is the perfect mix of these two sought-after Unlike other parakeet species, cockatiels come in Where can i find free kittens palette of vibrant colors.

Throughout the years, professional bird breeders have successfully discovered a variety of cockatiel color Contents show. Take in a stray cat. Ask your local shelter. Go to the nearest rescue organization. Ask a friend who is expecting a new litter. Facebook groups dedicated to cat adoptions. Ask for referrals through your local vet. Go to adoption clinics in your area. Try your luck on Craigslist. Check the daily newspaper.

Make use of hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. Contact your local breeder. Pros and Cons of Getting a Free Kitten 2. Pros of Getting a Free Kitten. Cons of Getting a Free Kitten. Frequently Asked Questions 4. Final Thoughts.

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