Who is maggie from the walking dead dating

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Since the invention of the ship, there have been five ships that were rated the most passionate, the most pure; Gleggie left them all behind. Apologies to William Goldman for murdering his Princess Bride quote, but the sentiment stands. Of all the romantic relationships that have happened or could have happened on The Walking Deadthe one between Maggie Lauren Cohan and Glenn Steven Yeun is surely the purest and most tragic there ever was. Any young straight man would be wide-eyed with love at such a sight, let alone one in the midst of the apocalypse. But of course, in Walking Dead- world, nothing ever goes smoothly, and the apocalypse has a nasty way of popping up reminders in the most inconvenient moments.

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Like — for instance -in a secret barn full of walkers where you are planning to have some illicit sex. Yet, it acts as a catalyst to draw out the man that Glenn is, and Maggie sees it just as the audience does. In the midst of death and destruction, they have found each other, and in the space of a few months, both have seemed to grow up from youths to adults, bringing out the best in each other.

Through the next few seasons of The Walking Dead, their love and optimism is a very much needed counterbalance to the trauma around them. Their grabbed moments of privacy and intimacy are a delight and a reminder of the love and beauty that can thrive in even the worst of times. As with many similar relationships, shared trauma, such as their capture by the Governor in season 3, forges them with a bond that no man can break.

Of course, when a connection like that is made on-screen, alarm bells ring for the audience that something bad is creeping closer, and they were right as Glenn first succumbed to the killer flu that swept the prison and was then trapped inside it Who is maggie from the walking dead dating the Governor blew it to pieces.

Their reunion seemed to set them on another step of their journey, moving from the young second-in-commands to leaders in their own right, introducing new friends, leading missions, settling down in Alexandria, and inevitably towards the next step in their life — parenthood. Maggie constantly scans the horizon for a of Glenn, and as is his adaptable, resourceful way, Glenn manages to give her that al with a green balloon he sets aloft. This entire arc, whilst frustrating, truly shows the connection between the couple and the extent they will go to to find each other again — something that is horribly, cruelly foreshadowing the events at the end of the season.

Sadly, in the most gruesome, disturbing scene, Glenn receives his fate with multiple blows to the head. He knows they are soulmates and that whatever comes after this life, he will fight time and space to be with her, always. Her grief for her lost love fuelled Maggie to become the firm, focused, and fantastic Hilltop leader.

While the loss of Carl softened Rick, the loss of Glenn gives Maggie a spine of steel. Glenn is as much a part of Maggie now as he is a part of their son, Hershel — who we get to meet again as a boy of around 7, in the coming season 10 bonus episodes of The Walking Dead.

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Who is maggie from the walking dead dating

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